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This unit is designed to help students develop critical thinking
skills related to digital media. Students will learn digital media
literacy vocabulary; examine media bias; examine examples of fake news;
learn about satire; analyze various news articles for bias, and examine
how word choice can show bias or objectivity. The unit includes the

The unit includes the following:

  • Full unit plan
  • Introductory vocabulary activity (2 versions with key)
  • Media bias chart activity (with key)
  • “Fake News Online” activity (with key)
  • “Fake News Online” response (marking guide included)
  • Satire activity (marking guide included)
  • Media bias article analysis (marking guide included)
  • Final project (marking guide included)

*YouTube access is required for the “Fake News Online” activity.

AdFontes media activity (media bias chart activity) is meant to be
completed using the online version of the chart, not the downloaded
version (there is a fee for downloading the chart).

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