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Quick and easy to use, these weekly progress report forms are a great way to maintain frequent contact with parents and guardians and keep them informed of how their children are doing in your class.  Both print and Google Drive versions are included.  The forms are available in English and Spanish versions.

Resource at a Glance:
What will students learn?
* Students will find out how they did in your class each week in the areas of academic performance, behavior, attitude towards learning, and any other area you wish to comment on.
Who is it for?
* Parents and guardians — all caregivers — of all middle school students as well as students themselves.
How does it help teachers?
* When used on a weekly basis, the info on these progress update forms provides a picture over time of your students’ academic progress and responsibility for learning in your class and allows you to see any patterns that need to be addressed or reasons for praise.
* It helps students see how they are doing in your class and helps keep them accountable for their learning.
* It helps keep your students’ caregivers involved in their children’s education by creating a productive partnership between you and students’ parents and guardians.
* You just need to make photocopies of the template for each student and then it’s easy to quickly fill out the report form.


What you get in this product:

In the PDF file:
★ Cover page (1 page)
★ A list of materials in the PDF file and in the Google Drive resource (1 page)
★ A “Notes to the Teacher” page with background information (1 page)
★ Instructions on how to access the Google Drive forms (1 page)
★ A weekly progress update form in English (1 page)
★ A weekly progress update form in Spanish (1 page)
★ Copyright, Social Media & Credits information (1 page)

In the Google Drive materials:
★ Cover page (1 page)
★ A weekly progress update form in English (1 page)
★ A weekly progress update form in Spanish (1 page)

More Info:
You can use these weekly progress report forms to track academic progress as well as changes in attitude and behavior. The forms can be used in schools using traditional letter grades and those using a standards-based assessment system.

Send the weekly progress report forms home on Friday for parents and guardians to look at and sign, collect them on Monday, and keep them in a binder to show progress over the school year.

These weekly progress update forms are simple to fill out, with short sections addressing:
* Overall Performance
* Quality of Classwork
* Homework
* Behavior
* Attitude

There are also places for comments by the teacher and parent or guardian. When used on a regular basis, they can help with classroom management.

It takes only a couple minutes to complete a form for each student. Your students’ parents and guardians will thank you — mine did!


Thank you and happy teaching!