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Item description

Speech therapy behavior and expectations will assist in addressing speech and language goals. Distance learning and face-to-face settings will be predictable with an easy-to-understand system in place. This product can be used EVERY DAY with many different skill levels. Learner(s) will show engagement AND remember their goals.


*This product also contains ‘traditional’ expectations and will still be useful after the pandemic*


Why is this helpful?

  • It’s a simple system that gets routines/therapy/small groups started easily
  • It gives visuals to expectations.
  • Clear pictures help students remember their goals.
  • Touch screen/mouse click options help jump to pages easily and quickly
  • Learner(s) will remember goals!
  • Learner(s) will be engaged with clear visuals, vivid pictures, and the movement between the pictures with a single click/touch.


What You Get

  • Page 3 Click/Touch Screen Menu
  • Page 4 Parent Information and checklist regarding teletherapy
  • Page 5 Online Expectations
  • Page 6 Face-To-Face Expectations
  • Pages 7-8 Traditional Expectations
  • Pages 9-12 Speech, Language, Social, and Fluency Goal Menu
  • Page 13 Clickable/Touch ‘What goal did you work on today?’
  • Page 14 Blank ‘What goal did you work on today?’ (for annotation)
  • Page 15 Game Guidelines
  • Page 16 Positive Affirmations
  • Pages 17-58 Full Size Goal Representations