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Most students will know how to find how fast an object is moving simply with a meter-stick and a stopwatch. But how about finding the speed of different objects without any technology, using only their bodies?

This fun, creative lab replaces a stopwatch with a human pulse. Students will use other features of the human body to calculate speed and velocity, making the traditional materials of an everyday physics lab obsolete. 

Students will discover for themselves how to find the speed of a toy car or a marble rolling on the floor and will be able to quantify their results in meters per second and miles per hour.

This is an NGSS-aligned lesson. Your students will engage in the three-dimensional learning by analyzing and interpreting data, discussing with other students, and forming their own unique experiments. 

What is Included [FULLY EDITABLE]:

Lab Worksheet

– For THREE different levels of students (CP, Honors, and AP)

– Step-by-step instructions to get students started on their inquiry

– Just print and you’re ready to start

Teacher’s Instructions 

– Detailed layout of how to introduce and do the activity (3 different methods)

– Every step has answers to the correct procedure with a point system

– Includes instructional video

Materials Needed



Constant Motion Vehicle or Marble with Ramp

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