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These adorable addition and subtraction facts to 10 cards are Dinosaur themed to keep your kids attention! Students will fluently add and subtract within 10. You can start with 0-5 facts and move on to 6-10 facts.


Before you print – There are 2 versions of the cards. Flashcards and Solve-it cards. Flashcards are to view, Solve-it cards are to write on. They both come in color and black and white. Both should be laminated for durability before use. The math cards are separated into sections: Addition and subtraction facts 0-5 and addition and subtraction facts 6-10. You will need to choose the pages you want to print in each section.


Multiple ways to engage. Hide the cards throughout the learning space, put them in a sensory bin, lay them upside down on the table, or scatter them on the table/floor.


Play. Students will pick up or find a card and read the equation on the card.

Next, students will represent the addition or subtraction problem with objects on their workspace sheet or table. *Use different colors or objects for each number in the equation to visually show the equation.

Then, students will say the answer for the Flashcards or write the answer on the Solve-it cards.

This resource is also great for substitutes – a sub pack, student teachers, classroom helpers, homeschool, homework, or groups!