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dinosaur-counting-activities is a math warm-up number PowerPoint lesson for Year One students. *UPDATED* 255 slides!

dinosaur-counting-activities includes;

  • subitising to 6
  • counting quantities
  • skip counting by 2s, 5,s 10s to 100
  • more or less
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • place value
  • counting backwards from 20 to 1
  • number recognition 1-100 (not all numbers are shown – it is a quick check)
  • ordinal numbers
  • engaging clipart is used
  • *UPDATED* now includes friends of ten, missing number, dice arrays, numbers before and after and make up a story. 
  • *UPDATED* now includes a menu with hyperlinks to different skills

My year One students really enjoyed this lesson and I use it several times through the week. This lesson is quite big and is a very comprehensive math warm-up. Just do what you have time for. I now use this with my Year 2 students and they find this a great warmup!