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Do your students have trouble getting their heads around the complex processes involved in human immunity? Do they truly understand the difference between ‘humoral’ and ‘cell-mediated’ immunity, ‘active’ and ‘passive’ immunity, or ‘innate’ and ‘adaptive immunity’?

Disease and the Immune System (Summary Notes) is easier to understand than your average biology textbook because it uses simple language and clear, well-detailed diagrams to explain the various structures, components and processes involved in the human immune system. Useful as both a student AND teacher reference, it consists of 33 printable black-and-white handouts as well as a full-colour display version that looks great on the big screen and can be used to facilitate good class discussion. Also included is a list of suggested flash card questions your students can use for study purposes.

Disease and the Immune System (Summary Notes) covers the following content:

  • types of pathogens: bacteria, fungi, protozoans, viruses, prions

  • antigens: recognising ‘self’ and ‘non-self’

  • comparing innate and adaptive immunity

  • first, second and third lines of defence

  • types of white blood cells and their functions

  • the inflammatory and allergic responses

  • adaptive immunity: humoral and cell-mediated

  • the lymphatic system

  • active and passive immunity

  • autoimmune and immune deficiency diseases

  • herd immunity

  • defence against disease in plants

I hope you and your students find this product useful and that you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Praise for Ariana’s Active Science & Biology worksheets:

“I used about 95% of the worksheets with my kids this year and it was a gem during remote learning. Honestly the best resource I’ve ever purchased” – Emma Palmer (via Facebook)

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