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With this activity, students will learn all about dolphins while practicing essential reading comprehension skills including main idea, context clues, vocabulary, and text features.

Topics include:

  • Physical Features
  • Diet
  • Habitat
  • The Dolphin Family
  • Kinds of Dolphins
  • Communication

To complete this activity, students will:

  • Read each page, using context clues and the word bank to fill in missing information.
  • Determine main idea and choose the correct title for each chapter (cut and glue).
  • Complete the table of contents by adding the titles in the correct spot (cut and glue).
  • Use the glossary to understand new vocabulary.
  • Complete the text features activity – use a diagram, create a table.

Includes links to supplemental websites and videos.

What are Interactive Reading Comprehension Books?

These books provide a great way to integrate social studies or science into your reading instruction. Students will learn all about a specific topic while working with informational text, using text features, determining main idea, and gaining new vocabulary. These are hands-on, cut and glue activity books that can be used in centers, small group, or for independent work. High interest text keeps them engaged.