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Take your digital resources to the next level with these ANIMATED Dominoes Clipart images! The dominoes knock each other down to reveal a pattern of your choosing – you can create any pattern with up to 20 dominoes! These GIFs are fantastic for making your resources more exciting and engaging!

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640 Black dominoes with white numbers and math symbols animated GIF images altogether


320 falling domino animations

  • 20 different falling dominoes with different positions and falling times
  • 10 different number options for each of the falling dominoes (numbers 0-9)
  • 1 Blank option for each of the falling dominoes


2 copies of each image

  • A high-quality copy
  • A smaller, web-friendly copy which can be used in Boom Cards™ task cards.


  • Dominoes with Lowercase Letters: “I’m super excited to use these in my writing journals. These are the most amazing things I’ve found recently. I’m following you now and can’t wait to see what you come up with next…Thanks so much!”

  • Dominoes with Numbers: “I’m totally loving these! The kiddos are going to love doing math with them. Thanks!”

  • Dominoes with Dots: “These are so amazing and so easy to use! They’re perfect to dress up my domino math products! Thanks so much, Colleen, for being so innovative with these GIFs!”


These instructions are included with my Terms of Use

  • Plan your pattern and make sure it is not more than 20 characters long.
  • Insert the dominoes, starting with the LAST character and working your way backwards through your pattern. The names of the folders containing the images tell you which folder to use for each character of your pattern.
  • Ensure that the images are all sized and positioned properly. I have already done the spacing for you so that the dominoes will knock each other down properly – you simply need to make sure they are aligned and the same size.
  • Note: the last domino is the only one that lands FLAT. The others all land at a slight angle (as they are designed to land on another domino). As such, it is advisable to use the last domino for the last character of your pattern. However, the shorter your pattern, the longer it will be before the dominoes start to fall. If you have a short pattern and you wish the dominoes to start falling immediately, you can start your pattern with the first domino. But please note that the domino with the last character in your pattern will end up at a slight angle (however, it is not very noticeable – as you can see in my preview video)

Check out my preview video to see the animations in action!

Thank you so much,

Colleen Schwartz