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This product is great for talking with students about making the choice to not contribute to drama between friends or classmates. It is targeted towards students who need a little extra support navigating friendships, specifically when behaviors occurring are catty, manipulative, and lead to drama or conflict between students. The materials are not gender specific, but they do cater a little more to addressing friendship drama between girls. Note: This resource should only be used with lower elementary students (1st-3rd grade) who are exhibiting more mature, catty like, drama like behaviors. The materials are a little too mature and specific for lower elementary aged students who are not doing these types of things leading to drama and conflict.

Start this lesson by reviewing the slides as a group. There are four follow-up activities, enabling you to select the one that is best for your group and their developmental level. The first activity includes task cards for students to think through situations and determine how to extinguish the drama. The second activity is a game that also includes task cards. Students determine if the actions on their task card fuel or extinguish the drama fire. The third activity includes two sort, cut, and glue activity worksheets where students determine if the actions extinguish or fuel the drama fire. Finally, the fourth activity includes two coloring worksheets enabling students to think of things that increase drama between friends and things they will do to extinguish drama between friends. This product would be great for a small group, individual student session, or as a large group lesson.

What’s Included:

•11 Slides Introducing The Concept Of Fueling And Extinguishing The Drama Fire

•Extinguishing The Drama Fire Activity

•Extinguishing The Drama Fire Worksheet

•24 Extinguishing The Drama Fire Scenarios

•Blank Extinguishing The Drama Fire Cards (Create Your Own Scenarios)

•Fuel Or Extinguish The Drama Fire Game

•Directions- Two Ways To Play!

•Two Toss Game Signs

•Squares Game Board

•48 Scenario Cards

•Blank Scenario Cards (Create Your Own Scenarios)

•2 Sort, Cut, & Glue Extinguish Or Fuel The Drama Fire Worksheets

•2 Fuel Or Extinguish The Drama Fire Coloring Page Worksheets