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Double-digit Addition and Subtraction Concept Match are engaging and versatile resources designed to provide students with opportunities to improve their mental computation and conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction with groupings of ten.

  • Each number in the set has four representations for that number. This resource is extremely simple to use. In most cases, students will instinctively understand the task with little to no teacher instruction.
  • Although these cards can be used in a variety of contexts, they are commonly used in math centers or rotations.

This bundle contains:

  • A total of 336 cards (168 for addition and 168 for subtraction)
  • Every number between 11-100 with 4 representations for each.


  • Open the PDF. Print, laminate and cut the individual cards. The cards can be mixed and divided into as few or as many sets as required.
  • Using the arrows imbedded in the cards, students complete a set of four in the same ordered way. The arrows also provide a puzzle element which adds a level of engagement and satisfaction to student learning.
  • Students can also play the memory game. After mixing a chosen number of cards, place the cards face down and have students turn over two cards. If the student matches two representations for a number, the student keeps the set before trying to find another match. If no match is found, the next student takes a turn. Continue until all cards have been matched. The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.