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Sometimes when we explain to our kiddos how to do double digit multiplication they might have a hard time grasping the concept. These worksheets are made for children who are beginning their journey in multiplying large numbers. All of the double digit multiplication problems students will encounter in this packet will include “small” numbers, numbers which they won’t have trouble multiplying. By giving them smaller numbers they can practice multiplying by the one’s place and multiplying by the ten’s place without worry of having to multiply “big” numbers. I highly encourage you to use these worksheets if you are introducing double digit multiplication. I have included a handout that describes step-by-step on how to work out 2-digit multiplication problems which can be used in their math folders or journals for reference. Students will get to build pictures by multiplying! This require the use of scissors and glue.

May your students benefit the most!

Answer key is included.

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