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Support the development of close reading skills with this worksheet composed of challenging questions designed to help high school students analyze a classic work of Gothic fiction: Dracula by Bram Stoker. With a focus on chapter 26, this resource saves teachers valuable time without sacrificing academic rigor. An answer key and copy of the public domain chapter are included. All materials are delivered as printable PDFs and Word Documents. By completing this exercise, students will:

  • Identify what the text says both explicitly and implicitly
  • Cite textual evidence in support of claims
  • Make logical inferences relating to character motivations
  • Write with clarity and precision
  • Activate prior knowledge to identify and articulate inconsistencies in plot
  • Articulate how the crew of the Czarina Catherine demonstrate fear
  • Articulate why it is rational that sailors would be more superstitious than many other types of people
  • Identify Petrof Skinsky and what happens to him
  • Identify how specifically Mina is an asset to her team’s mission
  • Discern logical inferences in the context of a passage
  • Articulate the significance of Mina’s hesitation to write down the word vampire
  • Define complex words and phrases in context
  • Verify interpretations of language by using reference materials such as a dictionary or thesaurus
  • Articulate how the Romanian flag benefits Lord Godalming
  • Articulate what specifically bothers Jonathan about Mina’s proximity to the Borgo Pass