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Measure reading comprehension and support the development of close reading skills with these resources composed of both plot-based and inferential questions designed to help high school students analyze a classic work of Gothic fiction: Dracula by Bram Stoker. With a focus on chapters 8 through 10, this bundle saves teachers valuable time without sacrificing academic rigor. Answer keys and copies of the public domain chapters are included. All materials are delivered as printable PDFs and Word Documents. By engaging with these materials, students will:

  • Identify what the text says both explicitly and implicitly
  • Articulate factors that contribute to Mina’s psychological state
  • Identify context clues that suggest Dracula is responsible for Lucy’s condition
  • Demonstrate understanding that Mina is conditioned to think rationally
  • Articulate the significance of the bat at the window
  • Analyze the detail of the red eyes for symbolic value
  • Discern Mina’s motivation for withholding information from Lucy’s mother
  • Analyze how character interactions create tension and develop plot
  • Explain the purpose of a given passage
  • Analyze dialogue for deeper meaning
  • Apply knowledge of dramatic irony to the text
  • Provide a detailed character description based on information presented in the chapter
  • Contrast two characters
  • Discern the tone of a particular excerpt
  • Make inferences about plot developments using context clues
  • Analyze how complex characters interact and explain the significance of these interactions
  • Analyze how Seward’s selfless offer may be interpreted as scandalous in the minds of Arthur and Van Helsing
  • Apply knowledge of elaborative diacope, anaphora, sibilance, and hyperbaton
  • Cite textual evidence in support of claims
  • Write with clarity and precision