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Dragonfly Life Cycle | Project Based Learning Biomimicry Digital Activities:

This project based learning unit focuses on the life cycle of dragonflies but it also extends the understanding of the different stages. Dragonflies are tremendously interesting and wonderful inspiration for new ideas and innovations! This is a lesson plan that will guide you through the process of using biomimicry and steam activities to inspire students to ask questions, study animals and plants, and use creative thinking to explore ideas. Pick up this resource now!


Looking for something exciting for a Spring, or insects unit?


This resource has been prepared so that your students can use it on digital devices. I have selected suitable slides for you, you need to insert text boxes and you can also add instructions for your students.


Contact me on [email protected] if you have any questions, thanks.


This package contains:

1. Cards

2. Poster

3. Can you identify the different stages?

4. Fun facts

5. Dragonflies Are Can Have

6. Dragonfly words – make your own dictionary

7. Dragonfly Poem

8. Ask the dragonfly Sparkling Questions

9. Story writing prompt

10. Mind map – Hungry nymphs and dragonflies!

11. Wandering Gliders—the world’s longest distance traveler

12. Regenerative traveling

13. Dragonfly’s eyes

14. Dragonfly in sunglasses! Invent something inspired by dragonflies’ eyes.

15. Reflection – assessment

16. How to use biomimicry in the classroom


Why am I qualified to write these biomimicry resources? I am a member of BEN – Biomimicry Education Network – and a curator of educational resources at BEN. I am the author of the book Biomimicry with Theo & Tuva: Nature spotting inspires wild ideas. In 2015, I completed a course in Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design Methodology at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.


Product Format:

• This download is a PDF and is formatted in US Letter size. If you would prefer an alternate sizing, A4 size or spelling (colour vs color etc.), please leave me a note in the ‘ask a question section of my store’.


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