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Grades 4-7 students love drama circles and they love solving mysteries; the two together are an unbeatable combo! After the 40 card drama circle is complete, students have two minutes to discuss the solution to the Mystery of the Soccer Ball Prank before you reveal the answer to them. This humorous narrative about Nate and Kate’s detective work to discover who stole the soccer ball used in the U.S soccer victory in the Women’s World Cup 2019 will entertain your students. The lively dialogue and actions will produce fun and chuckles.

Although many of the other features of this Drama Circle are similar to other circles – each player says a line or two, followed by the performance of a physical action – there is a further unique optional feature. After the students have learned the solution to the mystery, they can write 4 further cards to round off the drama circle! 4 blank cards are included. Please note that this is an optional activity; the story is complete without the additional cards. A brief rubric is included to mark your students’ performances. Another rubric is supplied for you to mark your students’ writing and performance in the extension activity. Sports riddles and a find the soccer ball page completes the resource.

Table of contents

Drama circle instructions
Drama circle cards

Drama circle rubric
Sports riddles and a find the soccer ball activity

Answers (the mystery solution and riddle answers)

Writing extension activity explanation and blank cards

Writing extension activity rubric

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