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These NO PREP drama role play warm-ups take your Middle School students through a dozen fun scenes. They audition for their favorite band, they have a school sports day, a snow day- all seriously good fun! You read out the script that prompts the students – each scene has 10-14 separate actions – and watch the fun take place! In some of the scenes they are themselves; in others they switch from one character to another. In one scene they are even famous athletes, such as Simone Biles and Michael Jordan. In a couple of scenarios they are animals. Most of the scenes require only miming, but some require sounds (such as animal noises) and brief exclamations like “YEAH!” “OUCH!” and SWEET!” The scenes encourage them to let their imaginations roam, while providing vigorous warming up for your drama class! Some scenes require some interaction with other students, such as building a snowman together. In some scenes they have to guess what another student is doing- what birthday gift they are opening, for example. Most scenes will take about 10-12 minutes each from beginning to end, or more if you have a particularly enthusiastic class. Fun, fun, FUN!

SCENE 1: At the Beach

SCENE 2: Auditioning for your Favorite Band

SCENE 3: School Sports Day

SCENE 4: Feeding Time at the Zoo

SCENE 5: Birthday Presents!

SCENE 6: At the Pet Shop

SCENE 7: Greeting Time

SCENE 8: Kindergarten Recess

SCENE 9: Snow Day

SCENE 10: Classroom Chaos

SCENE 11: Dreams of Sporting Glory

SCENE 12: Ship’s Ahoy!


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