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This riddles activity is a team drama game that uses the rules of charades for maximum grades 5-8 chuckles. Students draw a riddles card, read it out, then act out the answer of their riddle to their team. The riddles have been especially selected so that they CAN be acted out; obviously this would not be true of randomly selected ones!

This is how it works

1. A student goes to the front of the room and takes a card from the top of the face-down stack on a desk. They read out the riddle on their card. They can repeat it ONCE if asked.

2. They act the answer. They have 30 seconds.

3. The other students in their team have 3 tries to guess the answer.

4. If the team doesn’t get it right, then it goes over to the other team who has one guess. The other team can only take 15 seconds.

5. If any of the team members get the right answer, the team does a high-5.


Cut up the 30 cards or ask a keen student to do so. If you are able to laminate them, they will last for many fun games.


Divide the class into two teams facing each other. Shuffle the cards and put them face down on a desk at the front of the room. Select a confident student to go first.


If you have several struggling students in your class you can change the usual charades rules for the class and give all the students their card in advance so they can plan how they are going to act the answer. Students need to be cautioned not to show their card or talk about it. You can also change the acting time from 30 seconds to a minute if you have a number of students who do not work well under pressure.


If you have a class that enjoys competition, it is easy to make the activity into a battle between Team Genius and Team Brilliant!

Give one mark for a guess by the player’s team and two marks for a ‘steal’ by the other team. Keep a running total on the board.


Blank cards are included. Students can play a second game, using cards they have made for the other team.

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