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These 20 fun drama activities are precious sanity savers! This no-prep drama time fillers resource heals a horror experienced by all middle school and high school teachers, especially subs. It is last block of the day and your beautifully planned lesson has finished…but the block hasn’t! There is another 10 minutes to go- yikes! When you have this drama teacher survival tool at the ready you can quieten even the most rambunctious classes on Friday afternoon. The 20 activities in this resource will calm your classes, rather than rev them up, as acting games often do. Unscrambling drama words, performing drama writing (such as creating a dice roll plot synopsis), hand drawing a drama word cloud- all of these activities will keep your students thinking about drama, even when they are not acting! Only ONE activity has to be photocopied: the drama word search. Most of the activities are to be completed individually, and thus can operate as an independent work packet. Only a couple of the activities are designed for groups. This resource will speed to the rescue of substitute teachers who haven’t been left a lesson plan.

How to use this resource

The simplest way to use the resource is to put the activity instructions on your screen and allow the students to read the guidelines of each activity themselves. Most of the easy to follow instructions are directly addressed to the student, explaining to them what to do. There are a few activities where you will probably want to verbally announce what the class should do, and in that case the heading of the page reads, in capitals, TEACHER GUIDELINES.
Most of the activities require a pen or pencil and a scrap of paper for each student, so you might want to raid the recycling bin in your nearest ELA classroom before going to class. The dice roll writing activity requires one dice for each table.

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