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Fantastic ESL Game for beginners and intermediate students! ☀☀☀ I’m pleased to share my favorite teaching activity with you! Give it a try…i guarantee your students will love it! I have taught it to ESL/ELL students aged from 5 to 75 in multiple countries and it always works really well. I think it would also work really well in public schools; either for art or for English for younger learners. I hope you like it, too!

Mulitple worksheets and activities to pre-teach important vocab

Multiple matching activity worksheets are included in order for you to help students overcome any blocking words. There is a focus on body parts and shapes and is a good recap for young learners/ELL/ESL students.

Practice and Strengthen students speaking and listening accuracy

Students work in pairs to describe and draw a monster. One student can see the monster printout and has to describe accurately and in details what they can see. The other has to listen very carefully so that they are able to create a copy of the drawing.

This activity always has students roaring with laughter. A very popular activity and one which is both fun and has real educational benefit!