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Dream Board Project Printables FOR PRE-TEENS & TEENAGERS

All children in the world deserve the opportunity to dream and DREAM BIG. I have been receiving e-mails recently about how some of our young people see the future grim due to the status of the world right now hence this resource. I completed a dream board around 8 years ago with some colleagues in the insurance industry. All the stuff that I placed on my dream board were things I wanted at the time and that seemed so far, so distant, foreign, never meant for me. Well, fast forward to eight years later and everything on my dream board has happened with the exception of one. Having goals is important. We ask our youth “what do you see yourself doing in the future?” and most often the answer is “I don’t know.” In order to shift the paradigm we need to start focusing our efforts into helping this generation focus on themselves and the good they can bring into their communities and societies. Our youngsters are after all, the future. Let’s help them make a pathway to success!

In this resource you will find the tools you need to start a real discussion about their their goals, and give them the capability to DREAM BIG. Using the sheets included they will figure out what they want, how to study success, look at the root of success, take a look at failures, victories, create a path towards their goal, and help them get inspired. They will learn to identify potential threats to their future and this will allow you the opportunity to point out things that may hinder their abilities to achieve their goal. This resource contains 2 projects in 1. I highly encourage you to do the sheets first and then do the dream board. The sheets will take time to complete so I suggest you dedicate an hour for each project. Includes 5 posters you can use in your class or the students can use in their dream boards. Printable words included as well so they can add those in their dream boards. For the dream boards I highly recommend the use of magazines, newspapers, and the internet to complete. Students will be able to write their own checks with the blank checks included from the Opulence Bank. 😉

This resource is best for students over 12 years old.

As teachers we all touch the life of a student whether we know it or not.

For parents: remember that you are a teacher and you’re actually the #1 person they will look on to.

Best wishes!

Soumara @ Dressed In Sheets

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