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This packet contains 6 partner activities for young dual language immersion learners. I used these same activities in my own Kindergarten French classes.

These are great for reinforcing new vocabulary, reviewing old vocabulary, and getting students to teach each other! I loved seeing students encourage and correct each other.

Students enjoy interacting with their partners and it gives them a sense of independence and freedom while remaining on topic.

There are 3 pages of directions and 9 pages of activities.

1a) Identify how many are in a ten frame, numbers 1-10

1b) Identify how many are in a ten frame, numbers 11-20

2a) Correctly name numbers 0-10

2b) Correctly name numbers 11-20

3) Correctly name the color

4) Correctly name the shape and/or color

5) Correctly name animal and/or make the animal sound

6) Correctly name the sport and/or make the motion