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Item description

14 Word Study activities for beginning spellers to develop phonemic awareness and phonics skills. Activities include hearing sounds in words, letter-sound correspondence, sounding out, matching words and pictures, onset and rhyme, reading and writing words and sentences with Short E CVC words plus recording and assessment checklists. Print as an A5 booklet or A4 worksheets.

Included in this Resource

14 activities and 2 checklists


  • Progress and Assessment Checklists

Beginning sounds

  • Identify words starting with the Short E sound
  • Odd one out

Middle sounds

  • Identify words with a Short E sound in the middle
  • Odd one out

Letter Recognition: Identify the ‘Short E’ sound letter in words

  • Beginning sound
  • Middle sound

Spelling: the Short E sound

  • Sound out and say
  • Match the words and picture

Onset and Rhyme

  • Beginning Sounds Onset: change the first letter to make new Short E sound words
  • Ending sounds Rhyme: Identify the words that rhyme


  • Reading Short E sound words by sight, complete words, no pictures
  • Reading simple sentences with Short E words


  • Write the Short E sound word that matches the picture
  • Write a simple sentence using Short E sound words from the activities

How to Use These Activities

  • Morning work, a page every day will build skills and confidence
  • As main spelling lesson activities or as a complementary activity
  • For catching up students who are having difficulties 
  • Sequential unit, beginning with recognising words that begin with the focus sound and leading to being able to independently read and write words with the focus sound.
  • Individual activities as needed
  • Encouraging students to celebrate progress with child friendly ‘I can’ statements on every page

Print Options

  1. A4 Booklet: print A4 pages 4-19 and staple together as a pack
  2. Individual A4 activities/worksheets: print as required
  3. A5 Mini Booklet: print [ages 4-19 double sided and select booklet in the print options/layout page on your screen. The booklet will print as 4 double sided pages and be ready to fold into a 16 page A5 size booklet with front and back cover and 14 activities. Staple or bind with string or ribbon