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This print, cut & go, low preparation Inside My Body Science Centre Pack is perfect for early childhood, in particular Kindergarten and Pre-K.

This pack come with both colour materials as well as more printer friendly black and white resources.

It includes –

  • A teacher information page consisting of learning outcomes, suggested supplies and books
  • 9 colour posters
  • 9 B&W posters/ coloring pages
  • 5 Color Flash Cards with Vocab
  • 5 Black & White Flash Cards with Vocab
  • 15 Color Flash Vocab Words
  • 15 Black & White Vocab Words
  • 3 Color Anatomical Matching Game inc body organs and bones
  • 3 Black & White Anatomical Matching Game inc body organs and bones
  • Color and Black & White Vocab Matching Puzzle
  • 2 Color ‘Inside My Body’ Flipbooks (1 x girl, 1 x boy- no genitals included)
  • 1 Color ‘My Body Organs’ Flipbook
  • 1 Black & White ‘Inside My Body’ Flipbook
  • 1 Black & White ‘My Body Organs’ Flipbook

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