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A 38 page PDF booklet full of games and activities suitable for P.E. lessons, after school activities, summer camps, or just for family fun!

A year long syllabus outline is provided with weekly learning outcomes, as well as a language objective.

Games can be played indoor or outdoors, and have a recommended class size label. Each game comes with a list of props needed and detailed description of the rules and a picture. Booklet was originally made for an ESL Kindergarten setting, so can be explained simply for students who aren’t native English speakers, and most games can be adapted for an active ESL classroom. Most suited for students aged 3-9 years old.


  • EYFS Overview

  • Physical Development Targets

  • Year Plan (Recommended activities and English key phrases to be taught over 36 weeks)

  • Sample Lesson Plan

  • Warm Up Activities

  • Kids Yoga

  • Cardio Exercise Activities

  • Parachute Activities

  • Ballgames

  • Hula Hoop Activities

  • Tag Games

  • Skipping Rope Activities

  • Balance Activities

  • Quoits Activities

  • Team Building Activities

  • Dance Activities

  • Gym Scooter Activities

  • Seasonal and Party Games

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