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Your students will love this engaging Earth Day themed digital escape room. They will be learning kid friendly recycling tips and practicing their place value knowledge of numbers to 20 while having fun. This no prep activity can be done as a whole class, or independently if your students are able to read independently. Your students will be solving questions about place value in teen numbers to find the keys.

The game asks the questions paired with recycling tips. If your students answer it correctly they move to the next question. If they answer it incorrectly they have the chance to try it again.

Your students will practice:

  • Comparing two teen numbers (4 questions)
  • Adding 10 more (4 questions)
  • Subtracting 10 less (4 questions)
  • Deciding if a number is even or odd (2 questions)
  • Answering place value riddles (2 questions)