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This Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Word Search is Difficult. The names of 44 deities are hidden across, down, backwards, and diagonally…in all directions.


There are multiple spellings of the gods and goddesses. I chose the following for this word search: Bes, Geb, Isis, Min, Mut, Nun, Nut, Ra, Atum, Apis, Aten, Babi, Hapy, Ptah, Shu, Set, Amun, Apep, Hathor, Horus, Maat, Neith, Satet, Sobek, Bastet, Khnum, Osiris, Tefnut, Thoth, Serket, Seshat, Taweret, Anubis, Anuket, Khepri, Khonsu, Nekhbet, Qadesh, Resheph, Wadjet, Imhotep, Nefertem, Sekhmet and Nephthys.




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▶️▶️Great for Grades 5 to Adult!▶️▶️

This Word Search is also included in Word Search Bundle.