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Practice phonics skills (short vowels, long vowels, blends, digraphs, and more) with these Easter themed Mystery Pictures!

Choose a mystery picture for your students to work on based on their current phonics level. Pictures cover skills such as short vowel words, long vowel words, words with blends and digraphs. The skills covered by each mystery picture are listed on the Table of Contents.

Print a picture for each of your students. They will read the words and color the square/space on the picture following the color code at the bottom of the page. (It may help have students if they take a crayon and circle all of the words of one color on their picture first and then color them all in at once.)

Included are 10 Mystery Pictures practicing the following phonics skills:

  • Easter Mystery Picture # 1 – Rabbit (Short vowel CVC words)
  • Easter Mystery Picture # 2–Egg 1 (Long vowel CVCe words, short e)
  • Easter Mystery Picture # 3– Basket of Eggs (Long Vowel CVCe words, short e, u)
  • Easter Mystery Picture # 4–Chick (short vowels)
  • Easter Mystery Picture # 5– Rabbit Peep (Digraphs ch, sh, wh, kn)
  • Easter Mystery Picture # 6 – Lamb (-ck, -th, -ng, -nk endings)
  • Easter Mystery Picture #7- Butterfly (R Blends br, cr, dr, tr, fr, gr, pr, sk)
  • Easter Mystery Picture #8 – Egg 2 (L Blends bl, fl, pl, sl, cl, sp, st)
  • Easter Mystery Picture #9 – Egg 3 (S Blends sk, sm, sn, sp, st, sc, sl)
  • Easter Mystery Picture #10 –Bunny (R-controlled vowels – ar, or, ore, etc.)

Optional Writing Activity: After students color the mystery picture, they choose any six words from the picture and write them on the sentence practice sheet. They will then write a sentence with each of their chosen words.

An answer key page is provided so you can quickly compare your students’ work and see if they made any major errors.