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Practice place value in numbers to 100 with this fun Easter themed math center pack. Includes 6 different centers.

Who Am I?

Students try to figure out which number the Easter image is covering. Included are large versions of the images to be used on a classroom 100 pocket chart.

Puzzle Matching Center:

Students match the top layer of the puzzle with the numbers to the expanded form OR the base ten blocks that represent those numbers.

Comparing Numbers:

Students write the greater than or less than symbol to finish the number sentence.


Students draw a line between the number and it’s expanded form.

Color by Tens:

Your students will have a blast coloring by code to reveal the hidden pictures. 2 picture choices

Place Value Riddles Cut and Paste:

Students cut out the egg and glue it to answers these place value riddles.

Black and white versions and answer keys are included.