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Item description

This is a fun winter coordinate plane graphing picture designed for students who need extra help graphing in all four quadrants. This would work great for small group instruction! Mystery pictures are a fun way for students to work on their graphing skills. Students plot coordinate pairs, stopping to start a new line each time is says STOP until their mystery picture is complete. This winter themed mystery picture has a fun snowman catching a snowflake.

Included with this resource:

  • Coordinate grid with a partially completed picture.
  • Coordinate pairs – There is a half page of coordinate pairs for students to plot. This picture is in all four quadrants and uses whole numbers only. Having some of the picture on the grid already finished helps students to know that the coordinate pairs they are plotting make sense.
  • Four quadrant reference sheet – This half page reference sheet helps students who are still working on knowing which quadrant the coordinate pairs go in. There is a picture of a coordinate grid with the quadrants labeled, and labels showing which coordinate pairs go in the different quadrants based on whether the numbers are positive or negative. It also has words telling to move left and right before moving up and down.
  • Poster – This 8.5″ x 11″ poster has the same information as the half page reference sheet, but it takes up the whole page and has large, bold fonts so the information can be seen from a distance. This poster can be hung on a wall, or set on a table for an entire group to reference. Poster is black and white, but can be printed on any color paper.
  • Worksheet – This optional worksheet is completed after students have finished their mystery pictures. It has students use a word bank to label a coordinate grid, as well as having questions about which quadrant different parts of the mystery picture are in.
  • Answer keys – Both colored and black & white answer keys are included for the mystery picture. An answer key is included for the worksheet as well.

The coordinate grid, coordinate pairs and worksheet are all titled “It’s Winter! Mystery Picture” while the reference sheet and poster are generic.