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A packet of activities and resources for ecology, food chains and the flow of energy from the sun through the environment. Optimum for grades 3-5 science. The bundle contains all of the resources below. Aligns with NGSS 5-LS2-1 and NGSS 5-PS3-1.

1. Tons of Worksheets including matching, drawing, Who-am-I?, ecosystem wordsearch, food web writing, energy graphic organizer

2. Three Cut and Paste activities. Abiotic vs biotic, Ecology words, Food Chains

3. Decomposer Reading Passage article describes how decomposers break down organic material and how materials are biodegradable. Article question sheet included.

4. Decomposing Bread Bulletin Board. Students love how gross the breads get as molds grow on them. Student observation sheet provided. You’ll have the most interesting bulletin board!

5. Ecosystem Foldable and Flipbook containing unit vocabulary words.

6. Environmental Charades. This unit has the perfect words for a class charades game. Instructions and student answer sheet. A food chain role playing activity is also included.

7. Predator Prey Graph. Students plot rabbit-wolf population numbers on custom graph paper. Two versions provided which allows you to differentiate the activity.

8. 10 Question Unit Assessment. Multiple choice questions and reading graph questions.

10. Ecology posters. Attractive posters for bulletin boards and walls that will capture the ecology spirit in your classroom. Includes a full-sized food chain.

11. Ecology Task Cards. A set of 36 task cards all on ecological topics. Answer sheet and answer key provided.

This resource is also found in an ECOLOGY and FOOD CHAIN Unit BUNDLE


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