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This ecosystem project is perfect for integrating area, perimeter, geometry, and STEM learning in your science classroom! Students work through a series of steps, including research, to design and build a model of their own ecosystem zoo!

This project focuses not only on ecosystems, but allows for research on a specific animal too! You can split your class and half research an animal for the zoo, while the other half prepare the ecosystem piece. Either way, students are sure to learn a lot while incorporating area, perimeter, and geometry math skills and the best part – it’s differentiated!

This Product Includes:

✓ Research on ecosystems and/or animals to become that expert!

✓ Passing a “licensing test” to build the zoo for the animal and ecosystems

✓ Designing the zoo (for the animal) and to house the ecosystem(s)

✓ Building the model of the zoo

✓ Creating a tour guide brochure for the tour guide who has to walk people through the exhibits.

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Differentiated grids with a variety of sizes

✓ Differentiated parameters for the design process, including open parameters for students to come up with their own

✓ The choice to focus on area, perimeter, and/or geometry

✓ The choice to focus on ecosystems and/or animals

✓ Rubrics for nearly every step along the way

✓ Already scaled versions and versions where students have to scale themselves

✓ A Google Slides version so that your students can complete it during distance learning or digitally