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Item description

Are you in need of an engaging and authentic way to teach biomes and ecosystems? This scavenger hunt is exactly what you need! Give your students the opportunity to move around the classroom to find the different clues to answer the questions in this interdisciplinary activity!

This Product Includes:

✓ Deserts

✓ Grasslands

✓ Tundra

✓ Savannas

✓ Coniferous forests

✓ Mountains

✓ Deciduous forests

✓ Wetlands

✓ Tropical rainforests

✓ Arctic

✓ Prairies

✓ Antarctic

✓ Oceans

✓ Freshwater

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Half sheets that describe each biome, including fun facts

✓ Two different types of question sheets: The first set of questions highlight each biome and requires students to read the card in order to answer the question. The second set of questions is riddles that require students to read all of the cards and determine which biome it is describing. (Includes a printer-friendly version!)

✓ Venn diagrams for students to compare and contrast biomes

✓ Interdisciplinary reading skills

✓ A Google Slides version (Two different versions!) so that you can complete it digitally if you prefer!

✓ Answer key

How You Can Use This Product:

✓ Print them out, cut them in half, and laminate them, if desired.

✓ Independent work

✓ Partner work

✓ Centers

✓ Small groups

✓ Online or at home for distance learning!