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The zip file contains 11 behavior punch cards in two designs in sweets theme with 16 to 32 punches. There are also editable forms for you to type in your own information onto each page.

These punch cards are a great way to promote and reward positive behavior

• Students can earn a punch when clipping to the top of a behavior chart

• Students can earn a punch when meeting a specific behavior goal

• Students can earn a punch when they have done something respectful, helpful, or kind,or any good deed to a classmate, teacher, staff, and maintenance.

It can be highly motivating to students

Your students will love getting punches to fill up their cards. When their cards are full, they can earn a reward or privilege. These awards can be motivating and rewarding.

It could be teacher or student-Led

Teachers can give out punches when the student earns them or at the end of the day. You can also make it a classroom job to have another responsible student punch a card when asked.

Editable Cards to Create Your Own Wording

• Type in your students’ names, wording, or desired behaviors directly onto each card!

A great way to build a positive classroom culture

• Promote the good choices and behavior that occur in your classroom on a daily basis!