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Here are checklists and posters to help your students when they have to edit and revise their paragraphs. Students can use them to check their own writing and to peer edit their classmates’ work. You can also use them for formative and summative assessment of your students’ writing.

Resource at a Glance:
What will students learn?
* What the features of a good paragraph are that they should include in their writing.
* What components of a paragraph to look for when editing their writing.
* The organizational, grammar, spelling, and punctuation items to check for when they revise their paragraphs.
Who is it for?
* Students who need to learn how to edit and revise their writing, including English Language Learners.
How does it help teachers?
* Ready-made checklists can be used for formative and summative evaluation of your students’ writing.
* You can have your students use the checklists to edit and revise their own writing or peer edit their classmates’ writing.


What you get in this product:

★ A table of contents for quick reference (1 page)
★ A Notes to the Teacher page with background information (1 page)
★ A list of the ELA Common Core standards addressed by this product (1 page)
★ Poster about what a paragraph is (1 color and 1 black-and-white version; 2 pages total)
★ Poster about the features of a good paragraph (1 color and 1 black-and-white version; 2 pages total)
★ Paragraph checklist (1 color and 2 black-and-white versions: 1 standards-based and 1 letter/number grade based; 3 pages total)
★ Checklist for revising paragraphs (2 color and 2 black-and-white versions; 4 pages total)
★ Checklist about information in a paragraph (1 color and 2 black-and-white versions; 3 pages total)

More Info:
Color and black-and-white versions of all the checklists and posters are provided. You can display the color versions on a bulletin board or interactive whiteboard. You can photocopy the black-and-white versions for your students to use as references in writing centers or to be kept in their writing journals.

These are the different checklists in this resource:
* One color checklist asks students to check off boxes if their work includes certain features of a paragraph. There are 2 black-and-white versions of this checklist and they have lines instead of the boxes. The black-and-white versions also have a section to indicate either a number and letter grade or a standards-based evaluation.
* There are 2 versions of another checklist, which asks students to respond to questions about their organization of information and use of grammar. One version uses the phrase spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar in the subtitle and another version uses mechanics and grammar instead.
* The last checklist focuses on the information included in a paragraph and also has 2 versions. One version is for standards-based grading and the other version is for letter and number grading.

A page listing the Common Core ELA standards this resource helps address is also included in this resource about editing and revising writing paragraphs.

If your students need support when editing and revising their written work, these checklists are sure to help!


Thank you and happy teaching!

Common Core Standards © Copyright 2010. National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers. All rights reserved. Any claims of correlation or alignment to the CCSS Standards or WIDA ELD standards are solely those of The ESL Nexus and have not been evaluated or endorsed by the NGA. The ESL Nexus is the sole creator of this product and does not claim endorsement or association with the creators of the CCSS or WIDA standards.