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Engaging elementary drawing art lesson plan. Draw and add color!

Draw with a step-by-step format!

Draw Three Slices of Pies on Plates!

Fun drawing art lesson for elementary ages.

  • Students will draw with step-by-step instructions and add color.

  • Students will learn how to use space wisely, along with creating a unique perspective.

  • Students will learn how to create depth and dimension, incorporate repetition, texture and add vivid color.

  • Students have the flexibility and freedom to design their own pies!

  • Students will be able to develop their own color palette and add vivid colors!

What is included:

  • PDF Slideshow Presentation: Main Teaching Tool: Includes full project step-by-step information.

  • At a Glance: Printable: Helps to reinforce concepts taught. Includes thumbnails of step-by-step instructions through thumbnail visuals only. This is given to students after the main slideshow has been introduced.

  • Lesson Plan Written Information

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Thank you for purchasing from Simple Steps. All of the examples were created by me. They are real drawings that I made especially for you and your students. Your business is appreciated. Enjoy creating with Simple Steps, by Heidi Krueger.