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Item description

Students work in teams to use building blocks to build a house for an elf. The house must meet at least 3 criteria (listed in the instructions). Students present their designs in hopes the elf will choose their design! A fun, authentic, and hands-on way for students to practice persuasion skills!

Whether your students have studied the art of persuasion, or they’re about to start a unit on persuasion, this collaborative project will be a hit!

You can make this project as easy or elaborate as you wish. If your students have already studied the common appeals—ethos, pathos, and logos– this is the perfect hands-on activity to check for understanding.

*NOTE: You will need to supply enough building blocks for each team of 3-4 students to receive at least 25 building blocks pieces.

Here’s what you get:

  • Teacher instructions

  • Student instructions

  • Student reflection worksheet

  • Teacher checklist

  • 5 different ways to adapt and extend this activity

  • Color photos of student designs

  • Note: I did not supply a rubric for this creative activity. This is in accordance with my educational philosophy as listed in my profile. Sometimes it’s good to just let the students create and learn just for education’s sake.

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