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This bundle includes...

Item description

This bundle includes novel studies for three novels by Elizabeth George Speare:

The Bronze Bow

The Sign of the Beaver

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Each novel study has a page for every chapter to allow for flexibility!

Pick and choose which pages you do, or do one chapter and one page at a time!

Included activities are varied and may include:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Short answer
  • Creative Writing and/or drawing
  • True/False
  • Important concepts such as: personification, hyperboles, similes, metaphors, prepositional phrases, onomatopoeias, and adjectives
  • Biblical concepts and Bible verses

Enjoy reading and understanding these books at home or at school!

Please note before downloading or purchasing: All of my products contain crosses, Bible scripture, and/or references to God.

Ways to use this product:

  • print it out
  • use as an oral discussion guide
  • leave up on computer and let students write answers on notebook paper or whiteboard

To get an individual book novel study, click the links above.


*This bundle includes 3 novel studies, 70 student pages and the answer keys (147 total pages).