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ELL Writing Activities | Mini Banana Splits
ELL students will love learning about a popular dessert from American culture while they practice writing comparatively and about sequentially. The recipe calls for a “mini” split using half a banana and all of the other fun ingredients (with the exception of no nuts). Students will follow short instructions in simplified English to make the dessert. Then, they will compare banana splits with another dessert of their choice. They may choose from the dessert flashcards. This leads the way for talking comparatively about two topics and can be used for individual writing as well as group work. A process writing activity is also included.

Student will love preparing a dessert and discussing its details. They will love practicing English skills as they talk and write about sweet treats!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • a discussion activity to set the stage
  • a short reading passage about the history of the dessert
  • student-friendly instructions for making mini banana splits
  • 3 pages of vibrant dessert flashcards
  • a graphic organizer for writing comparatively
  • student-friendly writing rubrics

Your students will love this hands-on activity designed specifically to help them show growth in language proficiency.  They’ll be ready to write comparatively and sequentially while they build a classroom community.