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This pack provides a FUN and ENGAGING way to introduce The Zones of Regulation. It assists students in identifying which of the 4 coloured zones of emotion they are in, helps them recognise emotions through cute visual and equips them with EFFECTIVE calming strategies that will help them learn life long self-regulation strategies.

✪ What’s included in this set of Zones toolkit for regulation?

1 x Zones of Emotions Poster

1 x Zones Coping Strategies Tool Book with 40 calming strategies and 26 different emotions (Small Edition)

x Zones Coping Strategies Tool Book with 40 calming strategies and 26 different emotions (Large Edition)

1 x individual ‘What Zone Am I In’ desk tracker

3 x New Update: Now includes printable breathing boards

✪ How to best use these Zones of Regulation related resources:

• Print the Zones of Regulation and Emotions poster and place on your classroom wall to assist the students with identifying which zone they are in.

• The individual Zones of Regulation tracker can be laminated and placed on your students’ desks so the students can identify how they are feeling that day.

• The Zones of Regulation toolbook can be laminated, cut and hole punched to attach a ribbon to keep it together.

• Students can then select the calming strategies they may feel will be helpful.

• Selecting the calming strategies or self-regulation strategies is an excellent opportunity to discuss the different methods with your students to help them decide which ones would be most appropriate for them.

• The printable breathing boards should be printed and place in your calm corner or calm space for use in combination with the key calming strategies included in the Zones toolbook.

✪ Here’s what other educators are saying about this resource:


LOVE this!!!! So helpful in aiding student to explain what emotion they are having and how they want to deal with it. I bought this fun creature online. This has made a HUGE difference in my room.  

– Julie p.


I used this as a behavior intervention for a student. Engaging images with the little monsters, and students can personalize it to incorporate the strategies that work for them. Thank you!

– Hillary L.


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