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Item description

This workbook has been developed to support you to express yourself openly, identify a range of feeling states and enhance your ability to emotionally regulate.


It can be really hard to talk about emotions and even harder to manage some of the most difficult and overwhelming ones. This workbook can help you to learn about healthy, constructive ways to express and cope with strong emotions.


This workbook is reflective and encourages you to think about your own feelings, behaviours and actions. This workbook should be used as a supplement to discussions about emotional regulation with someone you trust. Remember…it is the Teacher or Therapists use of self that is the engagement tool.

Ideally this workbook aims to support the student with the following:

– Develops Self-Awareness

– Improves Self-Control

– Teaches Coping Skills

– Helps Manage Emotions

– Creates a Sense of Calm

– Promotes Self-Acceptance

The workbook includes activities to support the following:

– Identify different emotional states (anxious, angry, frustration, scared, happy, frightened etc.)

– Feeling and behaviour levels

– Emotional Regulation activities

– Green and Red choices for behaviour

– Social stories for the following emotional states : anxious, excited, angry, happy, sad/upset

– Worksheets

– Calm down plan

– Problem solving cubes

– Step ladder – feeling/behaviours/action plan

– Tools to regulate

– Feelings pie chart

– Feelings thermometer

– Feeling literacy visuals

– Emotion leads to action worksheet

– Physiological reflections on “when my engine runs fast” and “when my engine runs just right”.