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This emotions and feelings booklet allows students to communicate HOW they feel develop coping and self management strategies, self regulation, calming strategies, emotion regulation when feeling mad, angry, confused, sad, embarrassed, worried and scared etc.

The booklet can also be a way for students to communicate to YOU exactly why they are feeling a specific emotion along with a means to let YOU know what YOU can do to help them calm.

At times, when students feel an intense level of an emotion, it can be difficult for them to fully articulate exactly what is wrong and what they need you to do to help them. Sometimes requiring a student provide a verbal response can even further intensify an emotion resulting in actions and behaviors that may not always be appropriate for a situation.

Students can keep their emotion book with them so that they can be encouraged to independently utilize the different coping/self help strategies that they can engage in whenever they feel a negative emotion. Using the booklet, students will be able to efficiently communicate their needs, and with teaching and guidance, students can be taught to communicate their needs BEFORE their level of an emotion intensifies. Having students communicate to you about HOW they feel, WHY they feel that way and what you can do to help them can help reduce problem behavior or a student ‘shutting down’/become non-responsive, as students are able to get their needs met before a situation escalates.

Different variations of booklets are provided including booklets that have:

– Written descriptions/strategies,

– Visual descriptions/strategies (both pre-made and visuals that can be added/switched out as needed)

– Written AND visual strategies

– Blank descriptions so students can write what is wrong with a dry erase marker

– Booklets that can be fully edited/personalized for a student

Emotion pages included in this booklet are: