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Emotions Crafts and Emotional Zones color Poster – When you’re feeling all Inside Out, these crafts will give your students JOY! Great for teaching Social Emotional Learning. These emotions and memories activities has simple feelings writing and art printables. Included in this emotions unit are all of the templates to create the visible emotions of “Anger”, Sadness”, “Joy”, “Fear, and “Disgust”. The color zones poster will help with the Regulation of emotions will help your students better understand the emotions they are feeling.

Please check out the preview to see what is included in this unit!

You will get:

Printable Head Templates for :






Printable Inside Out Craft faces to cut and paste onto the heads.

Color Zones – Regulation Emotions Poster

These Printable emotions activities:

Boy “Memories” silhouette activity

Girl “Memories” silhouette activity

Inside Out Feelings Drawing Activity

Memories Printable Drawing Activity

Emotions Match

Emotions Writing Activity

“This is how I feel today” blank face drawing printable

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