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These task cards will help you keep your classroom clean & pack your classroom at the end of the year by using your most valuable resource – your students. Students will LOVE helping you pack and clean the room, and you’ll have everything in order by dismissal on the last day!


  • 16 task cards for routine classroom pick-up
  • 24 year end cleaning & packing task cards for common areas of the room
  • Student checklist for cleaning & packing their own desk areas

Use the year end tasks during the last week of school. Includes tasks for cleaning bulletin boards, white boards, etc. as well as “retiring” dried out markers and supplies.

Routine cleaning tasks can be done in the last 10 minutes of school. Allow students who pack up quickly to choose a task card to complete while waiting for the rest of the class to finish, and your room will stay neat all year! Added bonus, when students are busy cleaning, the end of the day feels much less chaotic!


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