Item description

This freebie summer checklist activity is fun to complete at the end of the year and during the final days of school. These two pages are a free sample of the full End of Year Memory Book resource. A full description of the whole resource follows below:


End of year memory book and activities for the final days of school.Customize and differentiate for all elementary levels: kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade. No prep, just print and go. Select and order your pages however you choose, and build your book so that it best fits your class.


Ease the headache of planning fun and engaging activities for the last days of school with this time-saving resource! Create treasured keepsakes while saving prep time and money (use at the end of every school year)!


38 Pages of Resources Include:

  • Three different cover options
  • Self-Portrait
  • My Hand Print
  • All About Me
  • When I Grow Up
  • Class Yearbook
  • This Is My Best Friend
  • Things I Learned This Year
  • Next Year I Hope To Learn
  • My Favorite Memories This Year
  • My Favorite Day of ___ Grade Was
  • I’ll Never Forget Our Field Trip To
  • My Summer Plans
  • Summer Checklist (pre-made)
  • Summer Checklist (student-made)
  • A Note From My Teacher
  • Autographs


2 Bonus Activities Include:


Awesome Advice for Next Year’s Class – Students complete the separate activity sheet to leave three pieces of advice for next year’s class. A cover page is also included so that you can assemble the “Advice Book” that your students will leave behind for next year’s class. Then, on the first day of school, you have an activity all ready to go–reading the advice left behind from the previous class!


A Note To My Teacher – Students complete the separate activity sheet to write a letter to their teacher (you). A cover page is also included so that you can assemble the “Notes from my Students” book after students have returned their letters to you. This helps students say goodbye and provides them with the chance to thank you for all you have done for them throughout the year, and it makes an wonderful keepsake for you to have from each class you graduate!