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A dive into the world of endangered animals is not always a pleasant
journey. This project-based learning resource focuses on exploring
possibilities and solutions. A range of animals are used as examples and
there are cards that can be used as inspiration for storytelling as
well as research.

This package contains:

Introduction – What we know and what we want to know

1. 16 Endangered Animals Cards, 2 blank cards

2. What is the difference between endangered animals and extinct animals?

3. Count me! – Endangered Animal Census

4. Mind Map Endangered Animals – Orangutan plus a blank one

5. Ask the pygmy hippo questions about endangered animals

6. Main reasons people cause other species to become endangered

7. Endangered Animal Dictionary

8. Mind Map Habitat

9. A forest or a burrow?

10. The Amount of Space

11. What if it was possible to improve habitats?

12. Jane Goodall’s Work to Protect Chimpanzees

13. Blue Hyacinth Macaw – Animals as pets

14. Draw a poster

15. Slow loris – Animals as pets

16. Draw a poster

17. Which animals would you save first? Tally

18. My Action Plan to Help

19. Elephants and helmeted hornbills – ivory

20. Plan Your Endangered Animal Story

21. Write an Endangered Animal Story

22. Value of animals – biomimicry

23.The Twelve Months of Endangered Animals Song

24. Dugong robot

25. Animal Poem

26.Some interesting things that I have learned

27. Ideas for crafts

Want a resource about extinct and endangered animals? Check out Animal Extinction, Endangered Animals – Alice & the Dodo Race


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prefer an alternate sizing A4 or spelling (colour vs color etc.),
please leave me a note in the ‘ask a question section of my store’.

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