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Ending blends worksheets and practice – These ending consonant blends activity pages are perfect students who need practice using blends. These activity pages work perfectly with Orton Gillingham reading strategies. Students need explicit instruction on using blends and then need to apply what they know with practice in small groups or whole group practice. This packet includes a variety of worksheets and whole group activities that can be easily differentiated for your students. The worksheets are designed using a dyslexia font. Check the preview to see what is included. You will get the following pages:

1 . Cover Page

2. Table of Contents

3.Orton Gillingham Scope & Sequence

4.Ending Blends Poster (Color Anchor Chart) Focus on most common ending blends: MP, ND, NK, NT, ST, LK, SP, SK, FT, CT, PT, LT, LD, LF, LP, LM)

5.Ending Blends Poster (B & W for students to color and keep)

6.Using Blends Tents Teacher Instructions

7.- 20. Vowel and Blend Tents (Color and Black & White Versions)

21.Consonant Ending Blends Brainstorming Map

22.Ending Blends Sorting Chart

23.Seek & Tally Ending Blends Activity Page

24.Consonant Blends Fill in the Blank Worksheet

25.Word Ladders with blends (Word Chain)

26.Consonant Ending Blends Word Search

27.- 28 Ending Blends Fluency Practice Pages

29. Credits

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