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Have fun, hands-on ending digraphs practice in multiple formats including sorts, mazes, and digraph hunts for digraphs sh, th, ch, ck.

These engaging printable activities will help your students become fluent in both recognizing the sound and the spelling of the three digraphs.

You receive the following materials in both full color and black/white:

Multiple Digraph Sorting Activities:

– 2 Column Sorting

  • Students sort picture cards according to “Ends with the digraph” or “Does NOT end with the digraph”. This option is useful when first introducing a digraph.

  • Students sort picture cards between 2 digraphs. For example, “Ends with sh” and “Ends with ch”. These are useful to help students distinguish between 2 digraph sounds or if students are confusing two digraphs.

– 4 Column Sorting

  • Digraph headings – students sort picture cards under the correct digraph heading. This helps students discriminate between the ending sounds of all 4 digraphs.

  • Picture headings – students sort digraph cards under the correct pictures. This helps students visually discriminate between the spellings of all 4 digraphs.

Digraph Mazes

Students follow/mark the correct ending digraph pictures that lead from the start of the maze to the finish. You receive a maze for each digraph (sh, th, ch, ck).

Printable answer keys are included.

Digraph Hunts

Printable pages that help students recognize the spelling (letter pairs) of each digraph.

In the top section of each page, students look at the clues (which are pictures) and then they find and circle the correct digraph. The digraphs are shown in several different fonts to help students visually discriminate between the 4 digraphs.

In the bottom section of each page, students circle the words that end with the digraph. This helps students see the digraph at the ending of the word and also helps them to visually discriminate between the 4 digraphs.

Printable answer keys are included.