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Energy and Energy Transformations is the complete package! Suitable for Years 7 – 9, it will not just save teachers lots of valuable lesson preparation time, but also help students to really improve their knowledge and understanding of this important and fundamental topic in science.

Energy and Energy Transformations consists of the following files:

1. PowerPoint notes

Fourteen beautifully presented PowerPoint slides covering the following topics:

  • What is ‘Energy’?

  • Where does our energy come from?

  • Types of energy: light, thermal, sound, electrical, nuclear, kinetic, potential

  • Types of potential energy: gravitational, elastic and chemical).

  • Use of flow diagrams to show energy transformations.

  • Law of Conservation of Energy.

  • Calculating energy efficiency (percentage of input energy transformed into useful output energy).

This PowerPoint presentation is divided into two main sections, each with a clear Learning Intention identified at the start. The content is clearly explained (without being overwhelming) and uses simple language to make it accessible to as many students as possible. It also has plenty of images to assist the visual learner, as well as a few (editable) questions that can facilitate good class discussion.

2. Interactive PowerPoint

This interactive PowerPoint can be shared with students and includes exercises and activities to help them review and consolidate what they have learnt about energy. It is engaging and encourages ‘active’ learning and thinking, with students required to use simple PowerPoint tools to add text, insert shapes and pictures and ‘drag-and-drop’ movable objects. They also get to create an ‘energy’ photo collage, complete a fun word find and design an energy-efficient house.

The PowerPoint ends with a checklist that students complete to assist them in identifying the skills and knowledge they have attained during the unit.

3. Answers to interactive PowerPoint (PDF)

Consists of detailed answers to all review exercises and activities in the interactive PowerPoint. This includes suggested answers for those that will obviously vary from student to student, such as the photo collage and energy-efficient house design.

4. Energy-efficient house plan (PDF)

This printable PDF is for those students who would prefer to complete their house design as a hard (paper) copy rather than in PowerPoint.

I hope you and your students find this product useful and that you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Praise for Ariana’s Active Science & Biology worksheets:

“I used about 95% of the worksheets with my kids this year and it was a gem during remote learning. Honestly the best resource I’ve ever purchased” – Emma Palmer (via Facebook)

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