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Here are my THREE favorite labs for Energy and Work. Each of these labs leaves my students excited to learn physics through making experiments, discussing, and moving their bodies. Every year these are the labs I provide to my students who often tell me that physics has become their new favorite class!

These are NGSS-aligned lessons. Your students will engage in the three-dimensional learning by analyzing data, discussing with other students, designing experiments, and computing multiple-step calculations.

Every Lab Includes [FULLY EDITABLE]:

– Lab worksheets differentiated (CP, Honors, and AP)

– Worksheets that all have a clear point system

– Teacher’s answers and instructions

– An instructional video with tips

– Just print and you’re ready to go

If this product could really benefit your classroom, but you are not in a good financial situation to buy the product, please contact me and I will give you the product for free, no questions asked. [email protected]